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Everyday we are fighting for DC’s children and youth, and we need your support if we are going to win. At DC Action, we use research and advocacy to make the District a place where all kids feel safe, resilient, powerful, and heard but we can’t do it alone. Join us in calling on local policy makers to take bold action and deliver the change young people and their families want and deserve. Click below for a ready-to-send message on one of our active campaigns: 

Save Child Care

The Mayor has proposed slashing funding for child care, something that would be devastating for educators, families and the District’s economic recovery. We can’t let this happen and only the DC Council has the power to stop it.
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Tax Justice is Racial Justice

We demand our policy makers take action to support fair taxation and new revenue to meet the needs of District families. Learn more at
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Contact Your Elected Officials

Click here to find contact information for the DC Mayor and Members of the DC Council.