Our FY21 Budget Priorities

May 19, 2020
Budget Priorities

By Kimberly Perry on May 18, 2020

The District of Columbia is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, the results of which are likely to shape the future of the District for years, if not decades to come. Mayor Muriel Bowser has released her priorities for children, youth and families through her FY 2021 budget proposal. She’ll be presenting it to the DC Council today. The Council begins holding hearings this week and in a little more than a month, they will markup the budget, before voting on it in July.

As the Mayor and Council work together to pass a balanced budget, let’s remind them that it is vital they keep their commitment to placing racial equity at the center of their decisions. Systemic racism hurts all of our residents, especially our young people. It is particularly Black and Brown children and youth, living in neighborhoods and communities with a history of underinvestment due to racial discrimination, that deserve our attention when it comes to advocating for fair, just, and equitable investments — in income, health, education and housing security.

When evaluating this and next year’s funding, we urge Mayor Bowser and the DC Council to consider the racial equity implications of each and every one of their funding decisions.

With this goal in mind, we are releasing our budget priorities and recommendations. They include calling on city government leaders to protect health, housing and income security for children, youth and families; implement paid family and medical leave; protect critical investments in early care and education and more.

Our kids should be able to count on strong public investments in good times and in challenging times.

Please join us as we advocate for a fair, just and equitable budget on behalf of all of our children, youth and families.


Kimberly Perry
Executive Director