DC’s Young People Talk Candidly about Mental Health Challenges in New Video

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September 19, 2023
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By DC Action on September 19, 2023

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In a new video from the Youth Voices Youth Power Project, young people from across the District explained the significant impact that mental health challenges have on their lives. Interviews featured in the video were conducted throughout 2023 with young people involved in 10 community-based organizations that partnered with the Youth Voices Youth Power Project. We asked these young people  to share their opinions and experiences about life in the District in order to amplify their stories to help channel and build their power.

In the mental health video, young people  discussed how:

  • The pandemic took a serious toll on their mental health, from which some haven’t really recovered
  • They and many others they know deal with depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, and other issues
  • Too much of a stigma still exists around talking about mental health with their families or in school
  • They’ve learned that some mental health services are available at school, sometimes, but they do not seem to be consistent or readily accessible. Young people may know that something exists but they aren’t sure how to find it or use it or pay for it
  • Mental health care should be universally available to young people and families, for free

Watch the social media version of the video (1:13). Watch the full-length video (5:42).

The  Youth Voices Youth Power Project, is sponsored by DC Action and American University’s Humanities Truck. Upcoming Youth Voices Youth Power Project videos will focus on public safety, out-of-school-time activities, education, and what young people want District leaders to know.

Learn more about what young people think by watching their videos at dcyouthvoice.com.