Our Anti-Racist Principles

Despite some progress over the years, too many Black and brown children and youth in the District of Columbia face disproportionate barriers to the fundamental human rights of a good education, health, housing, safety, and democratic empowerment.

DC Action believes:

  • Together, we can address these historical inequities by building just systems that dedicate resources to communities that have experienced decades of economic disinvestment. Race, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, differing ability, immigration status, family income, or neighborhood should not affect children and youth’s ability to thrive. 
  • To achieve justice, we must be part of a larger anti-racist, anti-poverty movement and practice. 
  • We must work toward restructuring how the District supports children and youth to end the discrimination they experience.
  • Those directly affected by racial and economic inequity must be the architects of our work.
  • Racial, economic, gender, differing ability, generational, institutional, and professional diversity strengthens our work’s effectiveness and reach.
  • We must apply these values to our work internally and externally.